Development Process

Our development process can be divided into 5 main phases as shown below. We adopt different approaches based on the nature of each project, however the following five phases are generally applied to all.

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This process serves as a road-map for project management and breaks down each phase into smaller, manageable tasks that helps us with time and resource planning.

1. Planning

Planning is the key stage of any project as it lays the groundwork for all subsequent phases in the development process. A strong and thorough start sets the tone of the entire project throughout its life cycle.

2. Design

This is the stage in which the visual representation aspects of the project are looked into. The client can provide the designs or consult us to create a design. Either way we pay attention to all important aspects of web design at this phase of the development process.

3. Development

After gaining a firm grasp of the client’s requirements in the planning stage and once there is an agreement with the client about technology, fees, terms and conditions etc. its time to begin development.

4. Launch

Important implementation issues are dealt with in this phase. Developers along with system administrators work on moving sites from staging environments to live servers. Serious focus is given to testing design elements, interactivity, features and user experience.

5. Post-Launch

This stage is when maintenance, modifications and upgrades take place. Clients may enter into fixed maintenance contracts or could be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Testing and QA

The testing process starts in the planning stage and runs parallel along with the development, launch and post-launch stages. To deliver excellent user experiences, the QA team works closely with developers and release high quality work by fixing all identified issues.

Product specific development processes

Above 5 phases cover the development process on an overall perspective and they are common to all projects. The below list examines the individual concerns and specific details to consider when developing the below products: