Post-launch is the final stage of our development process which include the steps we usually take after launch. This stage includes;

  • Handing off of the project to the client
  • Provide documentation for the website, such as a soft-copy site map and details about the framework and languages used.
  • Provide final deliverables and source files
  • Client training
  • Project close-off and final documentation
  • Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance

For websites we provide a post-launch review time period to make sure everything is going smoothly. We provide quick support to the client when needed during this period. The support period can be discussed about and extended if required. Our full time support and maintenance include enhancing existing features, adding and updating content, Fixing bugs and providing technical support

CMS updates and upgrades

Content Management Systems (CMS) receive constant updates to maintain and improve the core of their open source systems. Those updates keep them functioning well and secure against would be attackers and spammers. Therefore, system updates occur on a regular basis and should be implemented. Changes to the system can sometimes result in incompatibilities with third party software installed on your site, such as plugins. For this reason we recommend that you do not run any automatic updates to your live site, but rather have a CMS professional run the updates on your site at least every few months. A CMS update will take only an hour or less to perform if done regularly. Frequent updates are often your best defense against attacks on your site. So it pays to stay on top of them.

Technical management

technical management of your site includes server administration, DNS, database connectivity, security and error-handling.

It is normal for servers to slow down after running continuously for an extended period of time. Therefore We keep monitoring the server load and bottlenecks, disk usage, etc. in order to prevent it from clogging up. It also helps optimize resource utilization on the server. Only a server admin or a developer performs necessary optimizations to the server. We have experienced server admins and developers at your disposal to help you prevent these type of server issues when they happen. Another issue that occurs when the website grows is the slowing down of the databases. By observing the volume of data on the database, we can help you fine-tune and add indexing or caching as necessary to speed things up.

If a database table has 10 records; it takes 1ms for the database to fetch 1 record out of 10. Without indexing; when the table reaches 100 records, it would take 10ms for the DB to fetch 1 record. 100ms when 1,000 records and so on.

By identifying the criteria of the records being fetched, we can index the DB for that criteria in order to reduce the delay. With a BTree index, it would take only 2ms when there are 100 records, and 3ms when there are 1,000 records.

*These theoretical values are for example/comparison purpose only. These parameters/values slightly vary in real situations.

Great software evolves and improves over time. Large software projects go on for several versions. We learn new possible use-cases, user-requirements and features-to-add as we go on. Therefore this phase of the development process could be the beginning of a newer and better version of what is being built for the client.

We offer a range of continuing support options for on-going maintenance. Examples of these support contracts will be included in your estimate. Contracting with us on an ongoing basis means we’ll perform system updates on your website monthly, thus keeping it up-to-date and secure.