CMS integrated websites, blogs

For websites that need frequent content updates, it is advisable to build around a time tested content management system. When it comes to a blog or a CMS our first choice is WordPress. WordPress is simple and easy to use for content editors, and does the job for most cases. We have also developed websites using other popular CMSs like Joomla and Drupal.

One advantage in using a popular CMS system is the availability of off-the-shelf or free plug-ins. These can be re-used to save development time, and deliver a website in a shorter time.

Basic CMS websites can manage pages and posts (similar to web blogs). We can also customize these CMS by creating custom content types with custom attributes. Choosing these third party components to quickly set up a CMS website requires the client’s involvement along with our developers instructions. If we realize that none of those off-the-shelf CMSs can fulfill your requirements, we are able to build a CMS from scratch to suit your unique needs.

Further, we can add content to your website and install necessary SEO and security plugins as well.


We could build your website by either customizing an existing template or creating an original design from scratch. Alternatively clients can also provide PSD files of their designs which we can convert into HTML.

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