E-commerce catalogues and shopping cart websites can be built around an open source e-commerce system such as Magento since they are tried and tested solutions used by hundreds of thousands of online stores. Starting with an open source solution and developing on top of them saves a lot of time and cost.

E-commerce websites require a payment gateway integration to receive payments. The client has to register with PayPal, Authorize.net or a similar service for a merchant account with their tax details.

We have recent experience in building highly automated multi-storefront ecommerce systems that directly connects with ERP and Shipping/Tracking systems via electronic data transfer protocols.

Special requirements

After initial requirements gathering, we analyze how the requirements deviate from an open source e-commerce system and we choose what solution is more in line with the clients requirements.

Each client may have unique requirements that are not found in any open source solution. We identify those special requirements to be added. Sometimes there are plugins or extensions to add those features/functionality. If a suitable plugin is not found, or too expensive, we can build a new plugin specially for the client.


We could build the front end of an e-commerce store by either customizing an existing template or creating an original design from scratch. Alternatively clients can also provide PSD files of their designs which we can convert into HTML.

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Catalogue data

  • If the client already has an e-commerce system, we would have to transport catalogue data from the old system to the new system.
  • If the client is new to e-commerce, but already has a catalogue, we would get data entry operators to enter catalogue data to the database.

When providing a catalogue data in a machine readable format, we prefer an excel sheet, or a CSV file. Unlike a word-processor file, data from an Excel sheet or a CSV can be imported into the database directly. Otherwise, we can assign a data entry operator to enter catalogue data to the database.

Server requirements

Server specifications for an ecommerce system like Magento needs to be considered carefully. Since Magento has a complex architecture and large data base systems server speeds considerably reduce during development as well as when running the live site. Therefore the client needs to consult us to avoid any speed problems in servers.