Web Apps

Web apps are built for requirements that call for unique functionalities. Therefore an existing solution or customization would not work.

Web based apps that do not fit into E-commerce or CMS categories, but have substantial and unique functional requirements can be built around a generic web application framework. CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony are few of them and a Villvay proprietary framework which is extremely lightweight is also available to choose from. We also have an R&D team eager to tackle challenging web apps that are unique and innovative.

Choosing technologies is a very important part for Web apps. Unlike E-commerce or CMS systems that are already built around a technology stack; we build web apps from scratch. So it is our responsibility to choose the right technologies and design the overall software architecture.

Because web apps are built for unique requirements we cannot start with an existing open source solution. Therefore, web apps may require extensive research before development. Apart from the standard software development approach, we may need to do feasibility studies as a part of technology research.

Web apps often interface with other systems via APIs (Application Programmer Interface). These could be third party web services, apps or even hardware devices.

It is important to have a solid architectural design for a web app from the beginning. These are decided based on the scope of the project. Requirements may change within the scope, but the scope is the outline within which everything is balanced.


Since web apps are unique innovative pieces, there could be no other similar systems to compare with, no set standards or patterns. It could be pioneering a new frontier. In these cases, to avoid confusion and chaos, we can first develop a prototype. A prototype is developed without much planning in an ad-hoc manner. The goal is to set an initial standard to discuss further options. We do not focus on user interface and appearance for a prototype. Better ideas and options may come up for user interfaces after reviewing a prototype.

Once a prototype is built, it can be reviewed to get a clear understanding about the larger picture. This is an important part for many innovative web apps.


We could build the front end of a web app by either customizing an existing template or creating an original design from scratch. Alternatively clients can also provide PSD files of their designs which we can convert into HTML.

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