Below are the communication tools that we currently use to communicate with clients and manage projects.

Tasks Methods
Primary method of communication Email
Calls, conference calls, chatting, group chatting, screen sharing Skype
Store/exchange files (images, videos, PDFs, PSDs, Spreadsheets, Word Docs, Zip file etc.) Document Repository/ Google Drive/ Dropbox/ FTP folder
Google spreadsheets and docs to collaborate E.g: Action plans or checklists that have to be regularly updated by many parties. Google Docs / Microsoft Office
Projects/ tasks management and information sharing. Atlassian Confluence, Basecamp, ASANA, Wrike
for Agile project management JIRA
To communicate user Interface Feedback changes Notable
For screen sharing, Skype
Wireframes and prototyping Axure, Marvel
Phone +94 773595390

What are the times we can be contacted

As per the above descriptions we can be contacted 24 hrs a day. However development work will be carried out mainly during the Full capacity work shift.

Whom can we contact

We have project coordinators available depending on the work shift. Dedicated personnel will be assigned to projects who will be contactable via above methods.

Emergency contact

Coordinators can be contacted. Company senior personnel are also available to attend to any emergency requirements of projects.

Work review frequency

Depending on the project/ client requirements Skype calls are set up for daily / weekly reviews or milestone based reviews. Mutually convenient times can be scheduled.

You need to determine what these things are so that you can begin.

Language barrier

We’ve been working with US clients for almost a decade. Also some of our coordinators have overseas working experience e.g. UK. Therefore there are almost no language barriers as far as English language is concerned.